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• I may be interested in sponsoring the conference or exhibiting my services and products at the event. Is there any chance for this? 
Are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring the conference? Please call the Conference Secretariat for details of availability & costs.

• When I arrive at the conference what materials will I be getting?
 You will receive the final printed program & conference abstracts as well as a list of the participants. You will also receive badge at the registration desk & we ask you to wear it throughout conference hours for security. See the Registration Information section of the conference website for a list of what is included with your registration fee.

• Will I receive a list of participants including the mailing addresses and the email addresses when I arrive?
 Due to protection restrictions, we are not giving out these details. The list you receive at the conference will include the name, organization and country of each delegate, but no more detailed information. We highly recommend that you solicit business cards from the contacts you make personally here at the conference, and therefore we recommend that you bring plenty of your own cards with you to the event. See http://hmso.gov.uk/acts/acts1998/19980029.htm for details of the Data Protection Act 1998.

• Is there a dress code for the conference or for any of the other events?
 There are no specific dress codes for sessions. However, if you are coming to a conference in a hot climate, please remember that the room will still be air-conditioned. We recommend that you bring a sweater or jacket to use indoors. Also, you are free to dress as you like unless a dress code is given on the website along with the details for any conference dinners or social events.

• Is there a dress code if I am doing one of the presentations?
 No dress “code” as such, but we would recommend that for your presentation you wear something with a lapel or a buttoned front so that the wireless microphone can be clipped on. Also, it is important that oral presenters do not wear a scarf or anything which may interfere with the microphone.

• How do I book accommodations for the conference? Official options are always included on the conference website once registration open. Please see the Location section of the conference website for directions on how to make a booking. Please note, you should book early to guarantee availability and the special conference rate.

• Do I need a visa to attend the conference? If so, can the Conference Secretariat help me with my entry visa application?
 If you are not sure whether you need a visa to attend the conference, please check with your local embassy or a travel agent. If you do need one, it is essential that you begin the process as soon as possible, in order that you obtain one in time for the conference. Visa application procedures for entering many countries, and in particular America, have become much stricter & much more complex in recent years after terrorist activities. Therefore it can take much longer to process your application. 

We can provide a standard invitation letter to assist you with your visa application, You can request this from the Conference Secretariat. We do ask that you submit your own application and follow up accordingly. Unfortunately the Secretariat is unable to follow up your application on your behalf or enter into correspondence directly. The invitation letter simply invites you to register for the conference.

• I am not able to come to the registration session at the beginning of the conference. Can I register at a later time? 
Yes, the conference information & registration desk will be staffed throughout conference hours for info & late registration.

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