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• Will I automatically get a receipt for my registration?
 In your registration confirmation pack, you will get an invoice. This includes the full amount to be paid for your registration fee along with relevant payment details received on your registration form. It may also be marked “Fully Paid” if your payment has already been processed. This can be used as an official receipt for most purposes. If you require any other type of receipt document, please contact our accounts department.

• Will I get a receipt when I arrive at the conference? 
No, not automatically. Your confirmation invoice / receipt is sent to you with your registration confirmation pack by mail. We may be able to provide a copy of this at the registration desk. We would prefer that you ask for the document by email before the conference if you can, rather than at the conference. If you require any further receipt, please contact our accounts department.

FAQ pages are often very helpful. Many web sites require them. Take for instance, a new website I created for a company that sells std home tests. Oh, boy, you might think. If any site needs a FAQ, this is it. First of all, many people who are looking for a STD home test kit are probably freaked out and want answers really quickly. On a site like this you want to have a number of information pages to educate your visitor. Secondly, of all, the kits better have a good track record for accuracy. The last thing you need is either a false-positive, or more importantly a false negative. On the website I helped build there were admonishments saying that if you test positive immediately see a doctor for treatment. And if symptoms persisted, even with a negative result, go see a doctor. Thirdly, if you believe you need a home STD kit, then it should arrive swiftly. The less delay the better. This site, I worked on had a week delivery time frame for a basic amount of postage, however they also offered overnight express for an additional fee. Hopefully you will never need to buy a home STD testing kit, but if you do, look for sites that are informative.

And then there are the regular e commerce sites that sell clothing, food stuffs, shoes, electronics etc. Some offer FAQ sections and some don’t. Consider Tahoe Springs Water, a Las Vegas water delivery company. Instead of a FAQ page they have a page about Bottled Water which really explains just about everything you need to know. Since that’s all they sell, they really don’t need a FAQ page. If you live in the Las Vegas area, you probably already recognize the necessity of staying well hydrated. I would encourage that you try this company for all your bottled water needs. It sure is more convenient to have your spring water delivered right to your door rather than lugging home cartons of it from the grocery store. Whoa, there. I sound like a commercial plugging a product. All I am saying is some sites need FAQ pages and some cover all the info you need by just reading their content.

• Are there group travel arrangements for the conference? Are there official air carriers or official travel agents? 
No, we found from past experience that delegates prefer to make their own travel arrangements. In the age of internet bookings, it is much easier and more efficient for them to shop around and find the most convenient travel option. The conference organizers don’t provide shuttles from the airport to the conference venue either, but transfers by public transport are available and information on them can be found on the information sheet sent with your registration pack.

• I want to make sure I am fully informed on this conference, and sent all the relevant information. What should I do? 
In order that we can keep you fully informed, please complete the reply form on the conference website, or on the call for papers brochure. This means that we will send to you the information, such as the conference program and registration brochure as it becomes available. On the reply form, you can also request email updates, which is a great way for you to get the most up – to – date information. Due to data protection restrictions, we are unable to send you conference information unless you specifically request it using the official reply form.

• Why am I having problems with faxing my registration form?
 The fax number for the Conference Secretariat is in the UK. If you are dialing from America, you will need to dial 011-44 to dial the UK followed by the fax number. Make sure you omit the initial # in the area code. From Europe the code is 00 44 followed by the fax number, omitting the initial 0 from the area code. If you are dialing right, but still aren’t successful, please get in contact by email or telephone in order to fix the problem.

• Will I get the conference abstracts and program sent to me before the meeting?
 No, but the conference program will be available and updated on the conference website for you to print out until the conference starts. The conference abstract book and final printed program, together with any late news items will be available for collection at the registration desk when you get to the conference.

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