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The following pages refer to frequently asked questions concerning conference registration only. For enquiries concerning the Biometrics Exhibition, please contact [email protected] Press enquiries should be directed to [email protected]
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•    How do I register to attend the conference? 
The registration period for the conference usually opens 3 – 6 months prior to the conference. The registration form is available in the conference registration brochure (available by mail), and the identical information will be available on the website. Please complete the registration form in full and send it back to the Conference Secretariat by fax or (air)mail and your registration will be processed and confirmation documents will be sent to you.

•    I am trying to register for the conference online via the conference website. Where is the “submit” button for online submission? 
For your security, we currently do not accept online registrations. Please print out the registration form available online and fax it to us or send by (air)mail.

• Can family members room with attendees? We have no problem with family members sharing a suite with an attendee. At our last conference there were a number of young children with a rather large group of little girls who would dress up like a princess every day. It was actually quite delightful seeing these little girls flitting along the corridors with their pastel princess dresses, tutus and petticoats, princess capes and cloaks along with tiaras, crowns, wands, and slippers. So the answer is, yes.

•    What is included in the conference registration fee?
 For a full list of what is included in the registration fee please see the Registration Information section on the conference website. This will tell you whether any meals are provided as part of your fee and what materials and documentation you should expect to receive.

•    When should I register? 
Please register as soon as you know that your attendance is definite. This will mean that the conference secretariat will be able to send all the relevant documentation to you in good time before the conference, and your name will be included in the published list of participants. It will also mean that you have a guaranteed place – on occasions conferences do become fully booked and regrettably we do have to turn people away. However, if your attendance is not definite – i.e. you do not yet have your funding or entry visa finalized, please do not register yet.

•    When is the deadline for registration?
If you are planning to attend the conference as a standard delegate (i.e. not a presenter), there is no deadline for registration. As long as space is available at the conference, you can register right up until the conference itself. Do check the homepage of the conference website for announcements about the conference being/becoming fully booked. However, if you know you are going to attend, we do recommend that you do it as early as possible. As well as ensuring your place, this will mean that the conference secretariat will be able to send all the relevant documentation to you in good time before the conference, and your name will be added to the published list of participants.

If you are making a presentation at the conference, it is essential that you register according to the author registration deadline which is detailed in your acceptance correspondence. If you do not register by this date, your material will be automatically excluded from the final conference program.

•    It is very near to the conference, can I still pre-register?
If the conference is fully booked, this will be announced prominently on the homepage of the conference website. If there is no such announcement, we still have places available at the current time.

If the conference begins in less than 2 days, please fill in the conference registration form, and bring this along with you to the conference in order to register on-site. If the conference is more than 2 days away, please pre-register in the normal way by faxing your completed form to the Secretariat.

•    I am unable to pre-register – I can only register on the day. Is this possible?
On occasions, conferences do become fully booked, and therefore in order to avoid a wasted journey to the conference, please check the homepage of the conference website for announcements. If places are still available complete a conference registration form and bring this along to the conference with you. Please note that we do require full payment for on-site registrations, and that we will be unable to invoice your organization at such a late stage.

•    I have sent my registration form to the conference secretariat. When should I expect to receive confirmation?
All registrations are acknowledged in writing, and you will receive a confirmation letter, an invoice/receipt for your registration fee and an information sheet giving details on how to travel to the conference and registration times etc. This is sent by airmail from the UK for early registrations, and by fax for registrations received just prior to the conference. Please allow approximately one week delivery time for airmail letters from the UK. We aim to process registrations as quickly as possible, and usually this is done within 7 days of receipt, but if you register over an author deadline or an early booking deadline, please be patient, as we experience high volumes of registration form submissions over these times, and delays can be experienced. If we anticipate a delay in processing your registration form, an email acknowledging receipt of your form will be sent to you.

Remember that registering in good time before deadlines means that you are dealt with promptly!

•    The conference is less than two weeks away, and I haven’t received any confirmation documents. What should I do?
This could mean that either your form was not received successfully, and you are not registered, or that our confirmation documents have not reached you successfully. It is essential that you make urgent contact with the Conference Secretariat in order to check the status of your registration.

•    I have registered but I notice that my invoice is not for the correct amount. What should I do?
Please contact the Conference Secretariat immediately, informing them of the error, so that it can be rectified straight away.

•    I didn’t book any optional extras (such as workshops/optional dinners) when I made my original registration, but I want to add them on now. How do I do this?
Please let the Conference Secretariat know in writing, including any payment details, and subject to places being available, we will be able to get this amendment made for you.

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