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This 7th Annual Biometrics Conference and Exhibition will once again take place at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster, London. Located in the heart of the city, THE Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre is just a few minute’s walk from the Palace of Westminster, seat of the United Kingdom’s Parliament. Since the centre is owned by HM Government, its operations are conducted by an executive agency known as the Department for Communities and Local Government. As a result of The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre being a very successful revenue generating venture by hosting over 400 meetings each year, it is not reliant on the taxpayer for financial support. With its seven conference rooms along with many smaller rooms and four main auditoriums, the centre specializes in events for between 40 and 1,300 delegates. It also has 2,000 square metres of exhibition space. You will find that the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre more than adequate for the 7th Annual Biometrics Conference and Exhibition.

In fact there will be another event running the same time as ours in one of the other main auditoriums. It is about vintage movie promotions and how you can sell your collectible movie posters and other movie memorabilia. Besides original movie posters there will be original movie photos and film stills, original Hollywood photography and portraits of stars and starlets, original lobby cards, press books, glass slides and standees and theater displays. This event will be for both buyers and sellers of movie memorabilia. Apparently specialists will attend who can appraise your movie memorabilia on the spot and pay you immediately. Don’t get taken by online auctions or auction houses that sell movie memorabilia and movie posters. At this event you can speak directly to professional appraisers.

A note to those selling movie posters: Any posters marked “Portal Publications” are movie poster reproductions that were most likely printed in the 1970s. Most collectors will not buy reproductions. They are looking for original, vintage movie posters on which they are willing to offer good deals. So, if you are into movie memorabilia and movie posters, this is an exhibition you might want to attend during your “down time” with the 7th Annual Biometrics Conference and Exhibition will.

Now, going back to the 7th Annual Biometrics Conference and Exhibition:
Your conference registration includes access to conference sessions and the exhibition area and will provide delegates and visitors with a unique opportunity to network with a wide variety of expert speakers and suppliers security services and products.

We will host a reception with a buffet service the first evening from 5:30 PM-8:30PM catered by Leith’s at the Centre. Leith’s combines fresh seasonal ingredients with elegant presentation to make sure people leave with only good memories, so do try to make the reception.

The schedule of events is as follows: 
Biometrics 2004 Conference 
13-15 October 2004
Biometrics 2004 Exhibition
Wednesday 13 October 2004: Reception 
5:30 PM-8:30PM
Thursday 14 October 2004: 9.00am – 5.00 pm
Friday 15 October 2004: 9.00am – 3.00 pm

Register now to book your delegate(s) place.

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